What if I travel to… Ica & Huacachina, Peru ($10/Day)

A 16 bus ride from Cusco got us to Ica for $20 each. There was AC, movies, recliners, and no stops. Huacachina is a great spot to go on dune buggies, sand surf, and relax. We went in off season so the town was pretty empty but still nice to explore. Ica is very modern and has some clear wealthy sections, including a modern mall and some of the only fast food we saw in all of Peru.

  • take a mototaxi everywhere, 3 sol ($1) should get you from downtown to nearly any point in the city and to the dunes
  • check airbnb for great cheap accommodations (we stayed in a mini-penthouse for $15 a night, a woman came during the day and did all our laundry and cleaning)
  • Book nothing in advance in terms of attractions, online all the prices were $15 to $30 more expensive then negotiating in person. We paid $8 each for 3 hour dune buggy desert tour and sand surfing instead of the $45 listed

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