What if I travel to.. Paracas, Peru ($10/day)

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We had journeyed to Paracas to see the Ballestas islands but due to weather and higher then usual water levels, the port was closed during our three day stay. The second and third day paddle boarding and kayaking were even a no-go. The city was great and our last stop after a few weeks traveling around the southern half of the country. From here back to Lima was only a couple dollars and few hours via bus away.

  • Kokopelli was a great hostel, with a pool, kayaks, paddle boards, bar, foosball, music, slackline, and friendly staff
  • Pelicans and stray hairless dogs will come right up to beg
  • the boardwalk is short but full of good food and a fun market
  • the beach was the first sandy beach we saw but lots of seaweed
  • weather permitting the islands are called “the poor man’s Galapagos”, with dozens of species easy to see from the water

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