What if I travel to Puno, & Lago Titicaca, Peru ($15/Day)

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The 80+ floating islands are a bizarre and springy territory to visit. Each family has their own gig and when tensions spring up, they just cut ties and drift down to a new location. They have gardens, solar panels, fish farming, fire, and a thriving tourist industry. We stayed in the lakeside city of Puno for a few nights, as well as a night on the island of Amantani with a local village elder. Fantastic experience! This lake is so large you cannot even see the opposite shore and is the highest navigable lake in the world at 13000+ feet.

  • Overnight boat tours for the floating islands were about $25/person and included local food, hiking, host families, a local party, and the islands of Taquile & Amantani
  • Try alpaca at Mojsa, there was a lightning storm while we ate!
  • Great bar scene, lots of old rock mixed with Peruvian. Wifi everywhere
  • Stay at Ollanta Inn for great service and cheap accommodation
  • Recreational substances are not recommended but widely available at most bars

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