What if I travel to… Smith Rock, OR ($10/Day)

A great weekend trip from Portland, Smith Rock is the birthplace of modern sport climbing. Thousands of climbers every year come here to climb the famous Monkey Face and explore the hundreds of other routes. Bouldering is largely overlooked and quite difficult here, though there were a few good problems to toy with.

17757334_1438259396206127_3564481360448431716_n – Arrive early in the morning to lock in a good route

-dogs are welcome but be sure to bring doggie bags

-drive past the park and park along the road for free parking

-scramble over the break in the cliffs for quicker access to the backside of the park

-bring a bicycle to quickly get from one face to the next

-bring lots of water, even in winter the park heats up quick and the car is a long trek away 17620339_1438259079539492_411989548720032281_o




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