What if I travel to… Da Nang, Vietnam ($10/day)


Miles of sand stretch along the city front, with very few people actually on the beach. Voted in both Nat Geo and Tripadvisor as one of the top beaches in all of Asia, I can attest to how nice the location is. The water was incredibly clear and beach gradually faded into the ocean, you can walk out for 50 feet and still touch the bottom. Chair and tube rentals are cheaper here then Nha Trang or An Bang beach, and so is the chance to really relax when given the 50 cent beer and $60 cent Bahn mi.


  • Cross the dragon bridge at night for a chance to see the lights and flames before continuing along the river front for a pub crawl with good eats
  • Bamboo2 Bar is a great stop with cheap, good food and stiff happy hour
  • Navigate the city by renting a moto for a few dollars or using Grab or Uber, skip the taxi
  • Airbnb has the best options here, with lots of friendly locals offering beach front options for a few dollars
  • Visit the Marble Mountains, there is wonderful history and temples here, complete with a panoramic view that includes Da Nang and Hoi An, just be warned there are lots of stairs and the caves can become crowded if you arrive at the same time as a tour group, $2 entry fee that goes towards preservation of the site, I recommend buying a frozen water at the bottom for 50 cents to keep hydrated

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