What if I travel to…Hanoi, Vietnam ($15/day)

A bustling and chaotic city, be ready for trash and moto bikes. I honestly loved Hanoi, it is one of the more expensive city in the country but it worth a few nights in the Old Quarter.

  • DO NOT follow anyone you do not know, scams are very common in the bug city
  • While Bia Hoi is a super cheap beer at 50 cents a pop, drink Saigon instead for the extra dollar (elsewhere in country it is 50 cents for 650ml as well)
  • Many bars offer free shots just for walking in the door, feel free to leave right after
  • Visit Bia Hoi intersection at night, the Mexican food place on the corner is a great place to watch the traffic


  • Stay at Downtown Backpackers Hostel if you enjoy a free beer happy hour, party music so loud you cannot think, and want a bed for under $5
  • Walk everywhere you can, flip flops are great but you will step in puddles of who knows what
  • Go see Ho Chi Minh‘s dead body on display, it glows orange and is revered by the locals (No bare shoulders or skin above the knees allowed for women here or in many temples)
  • Walk around Hoan Kiem lake at night, there is a water puppet theater along the top of the lake but tickets sell out a day in advance

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