What if I travel to… the Olympic Peninsula, WA ($-$$)


Take a trip up scenic hwy 101 to local Bigfoot country and enjoy the Olympic National Forest! There are miles and miles of trees and trails to explore, Mt. Olympus to hike, and a great string of little towns to visit. An unbelievable amount of people came through the area and up to Forks to see where the Twilight book series and films were shot. Not my cup of tea but hey, do what you love. For the majority of the drive the ocean and greenery is all that is visible, but there are many locations to camp and catch a glimpse of local wildlife if you pay attention.

star wars

  • Stop in Aberdeen at Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop for an amazing collection of memorabilia and the owner is great, he sports a massive Carrie Fisher tattoo complete with her actual autograph. The shop can be spotted alongside 101 by a giant Star Wars mural


  • Just north of there lies the beautiful lake Quinault, home of the Quinault Indian Nation, and a wonderful spot to relax. Stay at Lake Quinault Lodge for a night or camp nearby
  • Visit the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim to get within arms reach of bears, pet buffalo, feed zebras, and walk among the water fowl
  • KOA has several campground locations around the area or you can stay for free in the national forest itself, just be sure to stop be a local ranger station for a map of acceptable areas and up to date wildlife warnings

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