What if I travel to…Tokyo, Japan ($$$)

IMG_0062The cleanliest, most efficient, and overall friendly city I have ever traveled to by a long-shot is Tokyo. Japanese people were, in my experience, very willing to go out of their way to help tourist even when they knew no English or were already occupied. Any time I was confused and staring at a map or looking around, I was met with multiple offers of assistance. Food was great, whiskey was better, and the city was very easy to navigate after a day of trial and error.

  • Take the subway from the airport, the bus saves very little time with traffic and cost twice as much
  • Shibuya Station truly is the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world and is worth the trip on a weekend night. The most bizarre part is that even with hundreds of people crossing in all directions at once, no one is colliding at all
  • Use the subway and avoid taxis, get a rail pass to save money. Individual trips seem cheap by the end of the day it is easy to spend $10-$15 on transportation (a whole days budget for me in most countries)
  • Visit the Imperial Palace, just be aware some days the grounds are closed, so check ahead of time
  • Try the crazy kitkat flavors, Saki, local teas, plum wine, and local pastries
  • WiFi is everywhere
  • Spend ALL you coin before you leave, currency exchanges in the majority of places only accept paper money
  • Airbnb is your best bet for a cheap place to stay
  • Tokyo Disney & DisneySea are great but no better than the Anaheim location
  • Sensoji Shrine is worth the trip, Tokyo Tower is not

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