What if I travel…who to fly with

Every time I travel and have to book a flight I have that horrible feeling that the cheapest flight may just get me killed or go down in the middle of the ocean never to be found (I actually recommend Malaysian Airlines) but I keep booking them anyway. I use skyscanner and hopper when booking flights.


  • Jet Air – my favorite airline in Asia, great staff, lots of space, free movies, good free meals
  • Malaysian Airlines – super cheap now after that whole missing plane issue, good flights and friendly people, very timely for a SE Asian flight
  • Nok Air – not bad if in a pinch, nothing negative or positive to say
  • Scoot – see above
  • Vietjet Air – they flew straight through a lightning storm, screaming passengers/seconds long free fall drops and all without missing a beat or even saying hold on. These guys can fly.
  • China Airlines – friendly staff, good food
  • Hong Kong Airlines – great airlines, they put you in a hotel for free if you land in an airport after midnight and have a connecting flight the next day
  • Star Peru – good airline, but very often delayed and very little over head storage, no in-flight beverages either


  • Using your arms or an aircraft of your own construction, these are the only failing methods I have met so far

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