What if I travel to… Nha Trang, Vietnam ($10/day)

IMG_0917Nha Trang is a gorgeous resort town. It is also so packed full of Russian tourist that more menus are in Russian than English and some sections have “Little Armenia” signs after the post-soviet country’s visitor quantity to the beach. This is also the location of Vinpearl island, a massive theme park/arcade/aquatic park that is reached by a long cable car barely visible in the upper left of this photo. Night life here is quite something, as is the endless amount of seafood buffets and packed beaches. The heat here in August was in the 90’s with very high humidity, but luckily there are cool drinks and an easy access ocean.

  • Visit 100 Eggs Mud Baths for a great experience and the most bizarre theme park/zoo you will ever visit
  • See Long Son Pagoda during the early morning to hear Buddhist prayer echo as you explore the grounds and make it up to the massive sitting Buddha
  • Walk through the centuries old Po Nagar Cham towers and see the religious sites still being used by local people in a mix of ancient meets modern
  • Take the overnight train (same cost of an overnight hostel) from Da Nang to see the countryside and how local people travel, just be sure to book in advance
  • Eat at Lanterns for great food, just get there early to dodge the line.
  • Walk a few streets back from the beach for 10,000 VND Saigon or 5.000 VND Bia Hoi
  • Men traveling alone will be accosted by the local massage parlors and offered sexual favors, they will even grab your arm and refuse to let go. Make a scene of pulling away and refusing to get them to leave you alone

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