What if I travel to… Siem Reap, Cambodia ($10/Day)

Siem Reap as a tourist destination is largely centered around Angkor Wat and Pub Street. Asking locals for authentic Cambodian recommendations did us very little good, as they would mention these two locations or the crocodile farm. Expect burning trash, confusing streets, and a not as friendly population as Vietnam or Nepal.

  • Khmer food is amazing and can be found for as little as 1 USD in many restaurants
  • Do not bother getting local currency, many times the price is higher to use it and locals will always ask for US bills (no torn, overly worn, or marked up bills)
  • Get fresh smoothies from the fruit stalls, they taste very refreshing and have fresh whole fruit inside
  • Visit The Red Piano to see where Angelina Jolie shot footage for the Tomb Raider
  • Try fried tarantula or snake from a “Cambodian Fear Factor” cart on Pub Street
  • Go to Bayon Tattoo for traditional or bamboo tattoos. Good prices, western cleanliness, and tattoos done by an ex-monk with a great portfolio
  • Use bikes to get around or try the local tuk tuks. You can get anywhere in town for 2 USD, don’t let anyone over charge you
  • Much of the Khmer people are illiterate, making asking for directions with maps or an address difficult even if in sanskrit
  • Visit the night market and old market for trinkets and a great experience

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