What if I travel to…Angkor Wat ($25/Day)

The largest temple complex in the world, the city of Angkor was the Khmer capital hundreds of years ago and is still actively used as a place of worship by Hindu and Buddhist visitors alike. Impressive in the amount of detail put into every surface and for the sheer number of sites in close proximity but in my personal experience the amount of hype surrounding it made the visit slightly disappointing.


  • Buy tickets during the afternoon a day before your visit to avoid lines and be able to arrive at the temples before sunrise (1 day pass should be plenty, we toured every temple in the small circuit within 5 hours)
  • Rent a bicycle or moto in town to get around between the temples, it will save hours of your day and is much cheaper then a tuk-tuk or renting on site
  • Watch out for the monkeys, they are prone to steal things and are not afraid of people
  • Explore the temples off the beaten path over the main sites, you can explore every inch of the sites without lines and get more diversity in your viewing
  • Please DO NOT ride the elephants, they are treated poorly and the location of the riders is not good for the elephants back
  • Bring your own lunch for the trip, vendors here are not as cheap as in town and are few/far between

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