What if I travel to… Pokhara, Nepal ($10)

My favorite town in all of Asia, Pokhara is full of life and hospitality. The journey there passes through hours of nothing but greenery, mountains, villages,a few car accidents and crazy washouts. In the end you get a lovely town built right up against a beautiful lake Phewa Tal and full of trekkers.

Pushkar Guesthouse guard dog at 8 weeks old (left) and view from the roof (right)
  • Stay at Pushkar Guesthouse for a welcoming at home feel (3 USD/night). The Nepali family that owns the hostel are very gracious and helpful, make a good meal, and they play culturally significant films on the roof on a dry night. The atmosphere is the best social space I have ever found, resulting in some quick friendships and me extending my stay from one day to four. Amrit is currently starting his renovations for an attached restaurant and rooftop bar.
  • Walk to the Tibetan Refugee camp for good authentic Tibetan food, a chance to contribute financially to people without a country, and to raise awareness for Free Tibet
  • Eat at Rest Point for a great lakeside view alongside old expats and delicious food for 1 -3 USD, every restaurant in town is full of vegan and veg options as well
  • Be cautious of renting a scootie, Nepal requires an international drivers license and officials are known to demand bribes if you get stopped
  • Cows have the right-away, do not bump/push/look at one funny. They are holy


  • Get on the lake! Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoes are cheap and fun rentals. Just remember when monsoon season comes all the trash washes into the lake so maybe don’t swim
  • Eat from street vendors, be sure to try the local Nepali food as well as samosas
  • Drink Nepali Ice – Hard beer (beer is expensive, 3.5 USD 650ml) or try the local Dunbar whiskey (2 USD a pint at the store, not half bad)
  • Walk everywhere, try out the bars. There are some great local bands that play American rock covers at The Old Blues Bar
  • The Peace Pagoda is within a few hours walk and worth the view, as is the panoramic view from Sarangkot
  • Be prepared to be offered hash and shrooms on a regular basis from locals, especially when walking around at night
  • Zip lines, paragliding, and bike treks can be found all along the lake strip and plenty of hiking trek guides for the Himalaya are here, such as the Annapurna circuit and Everest Base Camp

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