What if I travel to… Sarangkot, Nepal? ($6/Day)

A wonderful village on the very top of a large hill in the center of a valley, I first heard of Sarangkot in the trekking account “Walking the Himalayas” by Levison Wood. Wood’s close friend and walking partner lives in the very last house before the viewpoint and I made the hike from Pokhara to find and meet the man. My journey paid off and I was granted a quick view of Annapurna South, a horizon filling mountain. On a clear day there will be a beautiful full view of several mountains, including fishtail mountain. Even on a cloudy day you can see for miles in every direction, the whole lake Phewa Tal, look down on the Peace Pagoda, and all of Pokhara.


  • get up before sunrise and hike up from the valley, the path is easy to find/navigate, and the fields are empty. As you pass above the cloud line into the serene landscape it feels spiritual
  • Descend in late morning to see the fields are full of workers, children playing, and clouds drifting by beneath your feet
  • Stop by the last house to the left to meet a fantastic trekking guide, Binod Pariyar. He will help you find the places less traveled and better suited for off the beaten path trekking
  • Stay until late afternoon to see para gliders launch from the hills
  • Be aware of lots of biting insects at the peak, mainly mosquitos
  • $1 fee to enter the point
  • There are hostels along the way and lots of restaurants/bars, I did not visit them however

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