What if I travel to… the Great Wall of China? ($50/day)


The largest rebuilt section of the wall, complete with towers, lies in Mutianyu, an hour outside of Beijing. It is close enough to make it there and back during a layover that spans 5+ hours. Be ready to hike up steep inclines and declines as the wall sits on top the highest point of each hill. The grandeur of the wall is one of mind blowing proportions.

  • If coming from the airport or downtown, try to look for fellow backpackers to share a cab with and cut cost, (600 yuan should get you there and back, with a taxi driver that waits for you at the bottom for up to 3 hours)
  • They will charge you for the museum entrance fee but if you plan to skip the exhibit refuse they ticket to save 20 yuan
  • Take the cable car up and the toboggan down, be prepared to get stuck on the wall for a short amount of time as the power can occasionally go out
  • If you make it all the way to end going either direction you will come up to the original wall, still intact hundreds of years later
  • Buy water at the bottom for 1/3 of the price

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