What if I travel… and don’t know how to plan??

To decide where to go and what to do, I look for a gap in my schedule and then use skyscanner (or hopper) to determine the cheapest location to travel to. Sometimes I have a list of countries I have been wanting to visit and other times, I just land on a random place or somewhere I know will be inexpensive.

  • Find a flight and watch it, do not book unless you must have that specific flight (work/school/family schedule, etc). Prices constantly change based on dozens of factors and the chances of a seat dropping are greater than increasing
  • Network, network, network. Post on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, or whatever media you use for any firsthand information you can gather about the location and to find places you might stay or people who can show you around
  • Find travel blogs for off the beaten path hostels, site, restaurants, and unorthodox transportation
  • Book your first night at a social hostel (WiFi included) before you arrive and arrange airport pickup if you are unfamiliar with the country. It is worth the few bucks to have a few minutes with a plan to get your bearings on the drive in and avoid negotiating with someone who may or may not take you to the right place
  • Choose one night around the middle of your travels to splurge a little and stay at nicer accommodations to recoup, refresh, and reset yourself. It also gives you a chance to see how another class of traveler ventures into the world and are treated in a country
  • I then make a list of the potential things I want to see/do, with the must the sees whittled down to two or three
  • Round estimated cost up on everything 15% to 25% to not get too close to the wire or surprised, a little fluff never hurt anyone’s pocket
  • Always look up the cost of beer and assume a daily allowance of two, weekends three
  • Check on the official currency rate
  • Finally, I wing it. Land in a country, get to the hostel, meet the backpackers who are on their way out of the country and get tips. Link up with those just getting in-country or hoof it solo from there and hope for the best

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