What if I travel… but have a tight budget?

Welcome to the backpackers club! I have spent a week in some countries for under $50 US and in others, spent $100 in a day. It depends on the location, my finances, and what my goal in that particular location happens to be.

  • Easiest way to save? Simple, walk everywhere! Taxi – bus – subways all add up quickly, especially when every dollar counts. Plan on walking anywhere from 5 to 20 miles a day depending on how rural the location is
  • For longer distance travel, take local transportation, trains, rent a moto, or check skyscanner (if on a short trip, the extra few dollars is worth the time you save)
  • Get fat before you go, seriously, pack on a few pounds. Then as you travel limit yourself to breakfast and dinner
  • If a hostel/host offers free breakfast, never miss it, even if you go right back to bed. If it is a serve yourself type, fill your pockets with rolls for the day
  • Pack snacks for the airport and bring simple staples from home with you – granola bars, crackers, dried fruits, nuts, etc –
  • Buy beer and food from the markets or store instead of constantly eating at restaurants or street vendors
  • hitch hike or carpool, utilize apps like grab, lyft, & uber as much as possible
  • haggle and look for package deals
  • stay at locations that offer free walking tours, beer, cooking classes, etc
  • Check out couchsurfing, globalfreeloaders, and post on social media for free places to stay

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