What if I travel to… Bellingham, WA ($10-$20)

Home of Western Washington University (my alma mater), Bellingham is one of the biggest cities in Washington and home to a culture all it’s own. There are more types of recycling than colors in the rainbow and locals spend twice as much to buy products that are locally sourced.

  • Visit the Coop for local foods and vegan/vegetarian options
  • AB Crepes is one of the best local eats, opened by two former WWU students, it is affordable and stays open as late as there are customers
  • Boomers Drive – In is a great local burger joint
  • Vital Climbing Gym is a 24/7 bouldering gym with a great environment and one of the best communities I have ever had the privilege being part of. They always have dogs inside and you can add your own music to the playlist while climbing, training, or on the slackline
  • Tour Western for a gorgeous campus full of interactive art and a view of Bellingham bay
  • Hike or climb in the Arboretum, the large forested hill in the center of town, with miles of trails past a few pot smoking hippies and plenty of families out enjoying the weather, rain or shine
  • Take the Boltbus up to Vancouver or down to Seattle or Portland for the weekend
  • Drive up the pass to Mt. Baker for some great skiing and snowboarding
  • Go sailing in Bellingham Bay for stunning views and perfect winds

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