What if I travel to… Squamish, British Columbia? ($$-$$$)

A climbing mecca that has none of the necessary infrastructure for being such. Living out of my truck is still costing me 40+ Canadian dollars a day but the views are so worth it (in my opinion). Everything from water sports to alpine trekking can be found in this Canadian small city, just be prepared to search far and wide for the best ways to keep your wallets from draining.

  • Sleep in the Walmart parking lot if you have a car, sounds awful but its free and lots of people doing it. If camping, go to the base of the Chief, its $10/person for walk in camping but you can walk to the crag (no fires or running water). The cheapest “hostel” is 22 CAD a night
  • Shower at the Brennan Park Rec Center for 5.55 CAD, includes pool/hot tub/steam room access
  • Shop at Walmart, I typically would avoid the place like a plague but this town is more expensive than Vancouver B.C.
  • Visit the Adventure Center for the best WiFi in town (also free)
  • Hike to the Upper Shannon Falls trail for an amazing view and decent scramble (7.5 km, 885m elevation gain, hands/feet required)
  • If you have a bit extra cash you can ride the cable car for 39 CAD up or 15 CAD down, there is beer at the top and a great viewing deck
  • Head less than an hour up the road to visit Whistler
  • Cold mornings often lead to warm afternoons, so wear easily removable layers


  • For 15 CAD you can also give the adventure course a shot

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