What if I travel to.. Vancouver, BC? ($$)


I have taken multiple excursions into BC over the past few years and always enjoy Vancouver. The people are friendly, the views of the water and mountains are amazing, and there are so many great spots to grab a beer. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest city, but is full of plenty of free activities.

  • Take Boltbus from Portland, Seattle, or Bellingham for the cheapest way across the border
  • Grab a beer at Doolin’s Pub for great food and beer at decent prices (14-16 CAD).  I always stop here on my way through Vancouver and love the service/atmosphere. The bartender sent my burger back last night before I even saw it because “it didn’t look good enough” and gave me a free beer
  • Visit for the day and sleep in Surrey or Mapleridge to save money, if you insist on staying in the city check Airbnb
  • Walk around the University of British Columbia to see a beautiful campus full of life, tour the Museum of Anthropology, and get a gorgeous view of the bay
  • Go to Lynn Canyon Park for waterfalls, trails, a suspension bridge, and hours of free fun

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