What if I travel…to Niš, Serbia ($12/day)

Nis (Neesh) is a wonderful city in Serbia. Everything is within walking distance and the food is wonderful.


  • Visit the Fortress in the city centre to see Turkish, Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman, and Serbian historical structures
  • Skull tower is a several hundred year stone tower with actual skulls set into the walls
  • Crveni Krst Concentration Camp is well preserved and takes about a half hour to fully explore. It is the site of the largest escape by prisoners in WWII
  • There is also a one room museum near the walking street in town. A ticket for the Camp, tower, and museum together will only set you back 200 dinara (less than 2 USD) but separately will cost a total of 450 da
  • Eat the street food, it is delicious and cheap (less than a dollar in most cases)
  • In the winter there is no one here, making the visit feel more authentic and leaving much time to get to know the locals
  • The airport is only a 45 min walk from the city center (5km), 200 dinara bus, or a 4 USD taxi ride
  • Stay at Day N Night hostel for a truly wonderful experience, clean rooms, and great staff
  • Beer is cheap at the mini marts (less than 50 cents) but you will be charged for the bottles and expected to return them
  • Sofia, Bulgaria is a quick 3 hour bus ride away (1250 dinara roughly)
  • The majority of Nis accepts Visa, (unless on the street), and ATMs charge no fee

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