What if I travel to… Sofia, Bulgaria ($12/Day)


I loved Sofia and I plan to return to the Balkans as soon as possible to spend more time crossing these beautiful countries. The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is full of art and parks, with great eats, beer, and of course, snow dots the soviet era buildings in the winter time. A budget backpacker could easily survive here for a month on a 300 USD budget.

  • Stay at Hostel Mostel, rooms start at 7 USD and if you stay in any room beyond the basic you get all you can eat breakfast and a dinner dish with a beer. Accommodation includes a free nightly pub crawl, nice communal area, kitchen, towel, linens, and wifi. 5 minute walk to all major nightlife and 25 minute walk to the central train/bus station
  • The city if full of mosques, churches, art, parks, ancient ruins, and statues. It be walked from one end to the other in an hour in a straight line, but I recommend a varied approach in order to see the most possible
  • Travel in the winter to enjoy the snow and see the surrounding terrain at its most beautiful
  • Eat at the bakeries and drink anywhere
  • ATMs have no fees, but your bank may still charge you. Many places do not accept Visa or card at all
  • Hope a bus to Nis, Serbia for under 13 USD

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