What if I travel… to London, UK ($40/day)

Notice that Big Ben is covered in scaffolding in the upper right

I have been to London a handful of times now, and though it is far from one of my favorite cities, it is worth a couple of days if you can figure out how to not break the bank.

  • Transit in London varies prices based on the time of day, if going to or from the airport, always book online in advance. Use the National Express buses to save the most money, but they take roughly 2 hours from the airport to Victoria station (roughly 10 pound compared to the 16 or so for the half hour tube)
  • Stay at Clink78 by Kings Cross Station for a great central location with cheap drinks in the underground bar and a easy social atmosphere (roughly 13 pound a night)
  • Wetherspoons is the go to bar for cheap food, good beer, and the best prices in London. They have multiple locations across the city and one in Gatwick airport
Wetherspoons English Breakfast
  • Walk everywhere. From Kings Cross it is under a two hour walk to Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, the British Museum, and a dozen other local attractions. The city is easy to navigate after you get a rough lay of the land
  • To get outside the main tourist area check out Notting Hill, just beyond Hyde Park for the chance to see the more upscale end of London living or Shorteditch for a more hipster art vibe
  • Beer is not great in London, and Gin is the only go to in the pub if you insist on trying something local
  • November is a great time to go, wonderful Christmas markets, less tourist (cheaper everything), and the weather is pretty fair with a chance of snow
  • Museums are free, so if London is breaking the bank or the weather is foul, just head inside for hours of history
  • Nearly every place in London accepts card, there is no reason to get coin unless you plan to ride the bus or buy something off the street
  • Buy from the market and cook! You will get pounds more food for your pound and the chance to try a larger variety of locally sourced products
  • If leaving London for other European countries, I recommend flying out of Stansted for the cheapest flights (I was able to fly to Stockholm for 11 USD in December and 13 USD to Rome in November)

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