What if I travel to… Kilkenny, Ireland ($35/day)


kkKilkenny is a wonderful city tucked among the ruins of an ancient castle. The community is quite small, with just two main walking streets and a few roads, but the craft beer is excellent and the scenery is hard to beat.

Hop the train from Dublin for a quick and cheap (11 euro) scenic route through the wonderful Irish countryside. And the station stop is a 5 minute walk from center of town.

  • Stay at Kilkenny Tourist Hostel for city center access, kitchen space, and great accommodation. It runs about 23 USD a night for the dorm room or you can trade 4 hours work for each nights stay if arranged in advance (by email is just fine)
  • Check out the local breweries for tours and tastings, but if you are looking for the pub with the best beer hit up Brewery Corner (street number 29)


  • The castle is free to visit and a brief walk around the city yields towers, old citadels, ancient walls, and a great feel for the past

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