What if I travel to… Dublin, Ireland? ($25/day)

Easily one of the smallest capital cities I have seen around the globe, Dublin retains the small town vibe on a large scale. There are no skyscrapers or traditional business districts, instead the Guinness tower is the only building breaking the skyline while a few old church spires peak above the neighborhoods. One can easily walk one end to the other in an hour, and even if you start at the Whiskey Museum and hit pubs all the way to the Jameson Distillery for a drink, the layout is very easy to navigate on a stumble (personally tested in the name of helping my fellow traveler).

  • Isaac’s Hostel is the place to stay, budget friendly (book in advance, prices vary by season), it has a sauna, washroom, hot water, breakfast, great community spaces, and killer staff. Check out the display by the front door to receive discounts to a variety of attractions. Easy 5 minute walk to the shopping street, 15 to the Whiskey Museum, and under 20 to most the pubs
  • From the airport take the Airlink if you are in a hurry (book roundtrip for about 13 euro, comes with WiFi and a short trip with one stop in the city centre and the other at Heuston Station). If money is better than time, walk just outside for the local bus, it will add 25 minutes to your ride but is only 2.30 Euro each way and all the stops are a great way to start building a mental map of the city
  • Any drinking enthusiast needs to visit the Whiskey Museum, the whiskey flights are the heaviest pours I received in all of Europe and discount tickets are given out at all tourist spots and hostels.


Jameson, Jameson…or Jameson? All three to be safe!
  • Jameson Distillery has an entire bar of just Jameson drinks and is a 5 minute walk from the main pedestrian area, again discount cards everywhere
  • Guinness is for those of you who have never had a real stout and think you know beer, go up to the tower for a free pint. (Drink O’Haras for the best stout in western Europe instead)


  • Dublin Castle and the surrounding old structures are well worth the peruse, and most city maps include them as points of interest
  •  Trinity College has stood for centuries as an active center of knowledge in the middle of Dublin, entrance  is permitted until 1600
  • Walk to the Dublin Heuston station to catch a cheap train to all parts of island, only 20 minutes along the river from the center of town, book in advance for more affordable tickets
  • Irish food is great, but save money and go to the market. Most hostels have kitchens and the market is cheap
  • Pub crawls are a must here, with Backpacker Crawl my favorite for meeting people and the guide is a great bloke. You will hear live music, go to clubs, sample some great beers, and if your lucky make some great friends. (I still stay in touch with the people I met on my crawl). You can go back free for life if you keep the bracelet!
  • Since 1198, the Brazen Head has been serving beer and whiskey, and they don’t intend to stop soon. It is a bit pricey and full of tourist, but at the end of the day its one of the oldest bars in the world and worth the bragging rights.

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