What if I travel to…Lviv, Ukraine? ($10/Day)


Ukraine is extremely budget friendly, and not yet full mainstream. The benefit is that it is easy to still experience local daily life, there are few people trying to constantly sell you things, and it feels like an authentic experience in which to be a traveler, not a tourist. This is a country at war, and you will see a healthy number of soldiers home on leave and displays of patriotism in homes/stores, but do not let this discourage you or doubt the safety of traveling to Ukraine.

  • Dream Hostel is under 6 USD a night, with great atmosphere, big kitchen, and centrally located in Rynok Square
  • Skip the taxis and use Uber, from the center of town is less than 3 USD to/from the airport
  • Hike up to the High Castle Park for a city view and a chance to hike through some trails
  • The Bernardine Monastery is beautiful, especially lit up at night
  • Old trolleys operate around the majority of the city for less than a few cents, just slide the small hatch open to pay the operator and receive your change
  • Check out the former Austrian Citadel within the city for some urban exploring and a glance at former Nazi fortifications
  • Local markets are cheap, vibrant, and a great glimpse into daily life/consumables
  • Beer is great in Lviv, with some of the best dark beers in all of Europe (in my opinion)
    • go to the liquor store for 2 liter beers under a dollar


  • The Masoch Cafe is an experience you have to see to believe, where the patrons are whipped and sometimes chained to the wall
  • Buses from/to Kraków are cheap, roughly 23 USD/20 euro, and take about 7 hours non-stop
  • Cash never card is the best way to go
  • Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 7th, with grand markets, concerts, and decor
  • Lychakiv Cemetery is a popular stop among travelers and locals alike, with well adorned shrines and centuries of tombstones
  •  Lviv is a great jumping off point for Kiev and Odessa
  • Wonder outside of the city center to see a more complete picture of modern Ukraine and how people live