What if I travel… to Trondheim, Norway? ($40/day)

Trondheim is a home to the most impressive church I have seen, the Nidaros Cathedral, nearly a 1000 years old and the northernmost medieval church in the world. Easily worth a weekend getaway and a great launching point into northern Norway.


  • Airbnb has the best options for accommodations, the whole town is quite walkable and therefore location is less important
  • Norway as a whole ranks as the second most expensive country in the world
  • Kristiansten Castle has great view of the whole of the city, with a rich history of preventing Swedes from taking over Norway in the 1700’s and then being used by the Nazi’s as a base and execution site in the second World War.
  • Eat at Superhero Burger for a fun local spot, but it is Norway so even the basic meal will run you about 20 USD
  • Klatresenter is a local bouldering gym with some fun problems and a decent space for rec, and the prices are comparable to a gym in the states (roughly 15 USD for a day pass)
  • Skip buses and walk, a short ride can cost 5 USD
  • Get out of town and hike, there are countless trails and areas to explore
  • Hop a ferry towards Rissa and explore the countryside
    • My stay in Rissa was courtesy of the wonderful hospitality of a local family, and I have no experience in where to find accommodations otherwise, but what I can tell you is the hiking is absolutely gorgeous and the town is picturesque.
    • Hike #blåheia for a great view of the surrounding area and a chance to see out to sea
  • Roam the streets at night for a gorgeous streets all to yourself (the entire city is very safe)
  • Everywhere takes visa (other than the bus)
  • Shop at the grocery and cook to save money, there are sections in the shop with discount items that easily can make up a meal for under 5 USD