What if I travel to… Berlin, Germany? ($35/day)

Berlin is rife with hostels and Airbnb options. I managed to snag a decent pad with a mate this past New Years not too far from Alexanderplatz by metro, and as a result we were able to hit the tourist sites, clubs, and Bradenburg Gate for New Years Eve (the biggest outdoor bloc party in Europe). This city is a must for a long weekend of fun and reflection, just be sure to watch out for fireworks around the holidays.

The pillars vary in size and height, with a rolling base
  • The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a somber and heavy experience, the pictures do it no justice and it needs to be seen in person to understand
  • The Reichstag Building is close to the Memorial and was the site of the famous Red Flag raising that symbolized the USSR defeat of Nazi Germany


  • Checkpoint Charlie is heavily overrated but a necessity for anyone who enjoys hitting the highlights and pieces of history


  • Sections of the Berlin Wall still stand in various spots around the city, most of which are now covered in tasteful graffiti (graffiti can actually be found in most parts of the city, much of it impressive and well done)
  • Hitler’s bunker is only a few minute walk from Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall
  • The Original Backpacker Pubcrawl is fun and worth the 10 euro, it goes into a few half-decent clubs and is an easy way to meet other people other the trail
  • Cassiopeia is a great club with 3 different rooms across 2 levels playing different music, and a great outdoor area. Covers can very but beer is cheap (2.5 euro) and they tend to stray from the typical techno scene
  • Berghain is where everyone wants to go but I have yet to meet anyone who can get in. Clubs in Berlin are tough at the door, often denying entrance to anyone in a group, dressed nicely, on their phone, having fun, or cannot speak German.
  • Hit up the grocery store and cook. You can have a meal, get a six pack, or a bottle of vodka under 3 euro
  • Many Germans do not speak English, do not expect them to or get frustrated when they ignore you
  • The metro is extremely cheap, but is also possible to ride for free as no one checks tickets if you really need to get someplace
  • Visa is not widely used in Berlin, carry cash