What if I travel… to Trondheim, Norway? ($40/day)

Trondheim is a home to the most impressive church I have seen, the Nidaros Cathedral, nearly a 1000 years old and the northernmost medieval church in the world. Easily worth a weekend getaway and a great launching point into northern Norway.


  • Airbnb has the best options for accommodations, the whole town is quite walkable and therefore location is less important
  • Norway as a whole ranks as the second most expensive country in the world
  • Kristiansten Castle has great view of the whole of the city, with a rich history of preventing Swedes from taking over Norway in the 1700’s and then being used by the Nazi’s as a base and execution site in the second World War.
  • Eat at Superhero Burger for a fun local spot, but it is Norway so even the basic meal will run you about 20 USD
  • Klatresenter is a local bouldering gym with some fun problems and a decent space for rec, and the prices are comparable to a gym in the states (roughly 15 USD for a day pass)
  • Skip buses and walk, a short ride can cost 5 USD
  • Get out of town and hike, there are countless trails and areas to explore
  • Hop a ferry towards Rissa and explore the countryside
    • My stay in Rissa was courtesy of the wonderful hospitality of a local family, and I have no experience in where to find accommodations otherwise, but what I can tell you is the hiking is absolutely gorgeous and the town is picturesque.
    • Hike #blåheia for a great view of the surrounding area and a chance to see out to sea
  • Roam the streets at night for a gorgeous streets all to yourself (the entire city is very safe)
  • Everywhere takes visa (other than the bus)
  • Shop at the grocery and cook to save money, there are sections in the shop with discount items that easily can make up a meal for under 5 USD

What if I travel to…Stockholm, Sweden? ($25-$45/day)


Stockholm is the most expensive city I have traveled to, even above London. Transportation from the airport is the first punch, followed by many more gut wrenching decisions of to eat or not to eat. I have been to Stockholm on two separate occasions, both in the winter of 2017, and loved the city but could not afford to enjoy it. My hostel was full of others who felt the same, and after two or three days I noticed that many of us were spending more time socializing inside then out in the city, which is quite rare in a hostel with dozens of occupants.

  • Stay at Citybackers for the best location, cheapest digs, and unlimited free pasta (this is huge in a city where the grocery store can run you $5 a meal). Ask the hostel staff if you can take their recyclable glass and cans to the store for credit to stretch the dime furthest. I was able to pay for lunch and snacks my last day with just a small grocery bag worth.  Free ice skate rentals and sauna in the winter.
  • If you love beer, never go to a bar. The cheapest drinks are at the Systembolaget, state run liqueur stores that cannot even sell cold beer because it is unfair marketing and do not open until about noon while closing at 1900.
  • Don’t bother with cash, everywhere takes visa
  • Ice skating in the city center is a must in the winter months, and as its a free activity it makes it even more spectacular


  • Walk everywhere, the public transport is great but expensive and the city can be traversed in an hour in any direction
  • Eat at Max for local fast food at a decent price, located just one street away from Central Station
  • Check out old town and the palace for a look at a less modern Stockholm. If during the holiday season you will find several decent Christmas markets with free samples


  • Do not, I repeat, do not try surströmming. It a local food staple that consist of canned fermented fish, and is the foulest thing I have smelt or tasted on four continents.
  • Check out the multitude of museums around the city, many of which are free and all of which are a chance to get out of the cold
  • Fly into Skavsta airport for the cheapest flights but expect an hour bus ride (WiFi for free) to the city and an additional 15 euro round trip over the journey to a different airport (my flight from London to Stockholm was 11 USD and later round trip to Nis was 35 USD)
  • Lunch buffets are popular in the city and for about 15 euro you can get all you can eat at various locations