What if I travel to… Tivoli, Italy? ($10- $20/day)


Getting out of Rome can be not only refreshing, but imperative to leaving Italy with a positive outlook. Just a short tube and one hour bus away (3.5 euro), this town offers historic villas, expansive views of the Roman Campagna, and great food on a backpackers dime. Depending on what you want to see, this town can eat up half a day or take sun up to sun down, it is all about your speed and pocket.

  • Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este are UNESCO World Heritage sites from Roman times. Each cost about 8 euro respectively and though we had seen enough Roman history by this point, I have heard good things from those who did make it through the ruins


  • Rocca Pia is a 16th century castle, perfectly preserved and set in the center of the city. Open hours fluctuate based on time of year and from the top are said to be incredible panoramic views
  • IMG-2102The winding streets and street art provide a wonderful atmosphere for a walk, with winding path full of window plants, Italian hellos, and various photo opportunities
  • Few of the locals speak English, but they are friendly and even attempts at Latin are met with smiles
  • Beer is incredibly cheap, around 1.3 euro at a restaurant
  • Buses pass through the city constantly, and can be caught at several points throughout the day
  • Great food can be had at the Pizzeria near the overlook, the staff is friendly and I spent 12 euro to feed two people, with two beers and leftovers for dinner/breakfast